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Jordan Bute Runs 50 Miles while Donating nearly 1,500 Meals

October 19, 2020

Even when races have gone virtual (if not canceled), Team Move For Hunger member Jordan Bute still found a way to raise money to fight hunger. Jordan ran an ultra marathon (50 miles) as part of the Virtual Moon Joggers-Locking Arms in Love event. He finished with an incredible time of just a little over 10 hours. In the process, he raised over $625 which provided 1,475 meals. 

A member of Team Move For Hunger the past few years, the Wisconsin-native has run in 5 races while raising over $2,500 (6,000 meals).

Races have been limited this year, so it’s been even more important that members like Jordan pushed on. The support has been crucial in 2020 where the number of people considered food insecure in the country has risen from 37 million to 54 million. In Wisconsin before the pandemic, 1 in 11 people was struggling to get food. Each mile Jordan runs helps chip away little by little at the crisis. 

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