The holidays can be really difficult for food insecure communities, especially when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Thankfully, we have partners like JLL that step up to the plate to help make sure everyone is fed. 

Throughout November, JLL, a commercial real estate and property investment company, hosted a company-wide Front Porch Food Drive to raise food and monetary donations for food insecure families. Six offices participated in the Front Porch Food Drive and over 30 employees donated to the cause, providing over 30,000 meals to those in need.

JLL Front Porch Food Drive 2022 - Iselin-1.jpeg

The offices that participated were located in New York City, Stamford, CT, and New Jersey towns  of Parsippany, East Rutherford, and Morristown, collecting a collaborative 1,430 lbs of donations which provided nearly 1,200 meals.

The donations remained local and were distributed to the Secaucus Social Services Food Pantry, Connecticut Foodshare, and the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. Thanks to CORT New York, CORT New Jersey, and CORT Connecticut for transporting the donations!

To go along with the food drive, JLL hosted a virtual fundraiser that raised over $11,300 from JLL employees, providing nearly 28,700 meals for communities in need. 

JLL joined the Move For Hunger network in 2018 and has hosted a Thanksgiving Food Drive annually since joining. Last year, they raised 1,275lbs of donations and nearly $12,500, providing over 32,600 meals for food insecure communities.

We’re extremely grateful for JLL and their employees for their support against the hunger crisis. Each food drive and fundraiser helps us get one step closer to ensuring nobody goes without food, especially considering the 38 million Americans who face hunger every day.

The holidays are no exception for the food insecure, and food donations are always in high demand. If you’d like to join the fight against hunger, consider becoming a monthly donor!