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Giving Back with Holiday Food Drives: Our Multifamily Network donates over 20,000 meals to their local communities

February 24, 2023

Amid putting out decorations for Christmas and New Years, Move For Hunger’s multifamily network was also putting out donation bins for their residents to donate nonperishable items to families in need. 

Through the end of 2022, our network hosted over 165 Thanksgiving and Season of Giving food drives, collecting more than 25,000lbs of donations, and providing 20,800 meals for the 13 million families in need over the holidays.

AMLI Chicago
AMLI Chicago had 7 properties host a Thanksgiving Food Drive, collecting over 1,200lbs of donations and providing over 1,000 meals to the Northern Illinois Food Bank.IMG_0447 (2).jpg

AMLI Evanston collected the most donations, with their residents providing over 260lbs of nonperishables. AMLI at Seven Bridges was a close second, collecting 245lbs of donations and providing more than 200 meals. Thanks to CORT - Chicago for transporting all of the donations to the food bank.

The Dolben Company
Six properties with The Dolben Company also hosted a Thanksgiving Food Drive, collecting nearly 1,000lbs of donations! 

Breakwater North Harbor Apartments, located in Massachusetts, collected nearly half of the total donations, donating 400lbs of non-perishables to Woburn Council of Social Concern. Thanks to Fincor Boston Regional for transporting the donations!

Simpson Housing
Simpson Housing also encouraged their properties to host a Thanksgiving Food Drive, and had over 30 properties encourage their residents to donate! Collaboratively, they collected more than 3,500lbs of donations, providing more than 2,900 meals to those in need.

The Encore SouthPark in North Carolina collected the most donations, with 300lbs donated, equalling 250 meals. The donations were provided to Loaves and Fishes of Charlotte.

Security Properties
Five multifamily properties belonging to Security Properties hosted a Thanksgiving Food Drive, collecting more than 660lbs of donations. The Meadow Brook Apartments in Washington donated nearly 340lbs of nonperishables to the Sky Valley Food Bank. Thanks to Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage for transporting the donations!

Aldon Management
Throughout December, Aldon Management had 6 properties host a Season of Giving Food Drive for their residents, collecting over 650lbs of donations! 

The Eight Two Hundred Apartments collected the most donations, coming in just over 200lbs and providing more than 175 meals to Nourish Now in Maryland. Shoutout to Artisan Movers for transporting the donations!

AVE Living
Throughout November of 2022, AVE Living had 10 properties in 5 different states participate in food drives for their residents, collaboratively collecting more than 3,000lbs of donations for local food banks! 

AVE Blue Bell Villas, located in Blue Bell, PA, raised the most food for the second year in a row, with over 700lbs of donations collected, providing nearly 600 meals to the West Chester Food Cupboard. Thanks to Wayne Moving and Storage for transporting the donations!

AMLI SoCal also encouraged their residents to give back to those in need over the holidays by hosting a Season of Giving campaign for their properties. In total, 5 properties participated, collecting over 380lbs of donations. CORT - LA transported all of the donations, about 320 meals, to the LA Pride Pantry.

Paradigm Management
Paradigm Management had 12 properties host a Season of Giving food drive, collecting over 2,200lbs of donations! The Meridian at Braddock Station and Madison at Ballston Station, both based in Virginia, were the top 2 properties with the highest donations, each collecting at least 400lbs from their residents. The Meridian at Braddock Station collected 420lbs, equalling 350 meals, for the Capital Area Food Bank in D.C. Thanks to Coleman Worldwide Moving for transporting those donations!

Madison at Ballston Station collected 400lbs of donations, providing over 330 meals to the Arlington Food Assistance Center. The donations were transported by CORT - Washington D.C.

Jones & Jones Communities
Four multifamily properties belonging to Jones & Jones Communities hosted a Season of Giving Food Drive, collecting about 360lbs of donations. The Lombardi Apartments brought in more than 140lbs of donations, providing more than 115 meals to The LA Pride Pantry. Thanks to CORT - LA for transporting the donations.

Town Commons Season of Giving FD 2022-3 (1).jpgOther Properties
The Westside Apartment Homes, based in Plano, Texas, also hosted a holiday food drive for their residents, bringing in the highest amount of donations from all properties that hosted a Season of Giving Food Drive, collecting nearly 750lbs! This provided over 620 meals to the North Texas Food Bank, transported by Trash Butler - Texas.

In second for highest food donations is the San Merano at Mirasol. Located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, the property’s residents donated 640lbs of nonperishable items, equalling over 530 meals, to the Jacobson Family Food Pantry. Shoutout to Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage for transporting the donations!

Thanks so much to everyone who donated, to the properties who participated, and to the moving agents who volunteered to transport these donations. Every donation counts, considering in the United States, over 34 million people are considered food insecure.

If you’d like to become part of the Move For Hunger network, click here to join! If you’re interested in joining the fight against hunger, you can start today by signing up to host a food drive or fundraiser!