Visualize Hunger

50 million Americans are hungry. 50 million. At times, it’s almost impossible to grasp that each and every one of those 50 million has a name, a face, and a story. If we’re going to end hunger, our first step is to show the world what hunger looks like. These are not statistics. These are people.

We can’t solve this problem until we shine a light on the many faces of hunger, and there is no better time to do this than during the summer. The summer months are especially difficult for food banks because 17 million hungry American children are out of school and without access to free school lunches. Everyone talks about hunger during the holiday season, but those affected by hunger need just as much help now.

This summer, Move For Hunger is offering a new look at the problem of food insecurity by launching the Visualize Hunger awareness campaign. For the next few months, we’re interviewing as many people as possible, including food bank managers, volunteers, our own staff, and those who suffer from hunger themselves. If hunger touches your life, we want you to tell your story. For a moment, let’s look past the statistic “50 million” and take a look at real individual people. Let’s visualize hunger.