The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a federal program that helps low-income people put food on the table. Participants in the SNAP Challenge will gain a better understanding of the program by being asked to make healthy & nutritious grocery shopping choices on the average SNAP benefit.


SNAP is the most most important anti-hunger program in the United States. It's also one of the most misunderstood parts of our social safety net.

What is the Average SNAP Benefit?
An individual enrolled in SNAP receives an average benefit of $127 per month, or $1.40 per meal. The average household receives about $256 per month.

How Many People are Enrolled in SNAP?
More than 36 million people receive SNAP benefits. Forty-four percent of all SNAP recipients are children, and an additional 23% are elderly or disabled.

Are People on SNAP Unemployed?
The overwhelming majority of SNAP recipients are people who are not expected to work: children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Only 17% of beneficiaries are currently unemployed.


The SNAP Challenge asks individuals or teams to confront the difficult choices millions of people make every time they go to the grocery store. Participants have to plan out a week’s worth of healthy meals and ‘go shopping’ for the needed items on an extremely modest budget. The participants are each given a list of items to choose from, without knowing the cost, and they are asked to choose what they think they will need to prepare 3 healthy meals for 7 days. The purpose of the exercise is to show how tough it can be for one person to eat healthy using the average SNAP benefit, let alone an entire family.

Move For Hunger will help you plan the event, from start to finish, and have representatives from our staff on-site to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Move For Hunger Provides
  • Logistical assistance leading up to the event and on-site support during the day of the event
  • Educational materials & presentation by Move For Hunger
  • Handouts & materials, including meal planner and shopping list
  • Coordination with event & meeting services planners (if necessary)
  • Flyers, banners, and images to share on social media
  • Post-event press release
  • Post-event blog post featured on Move For Hunger's homepage, newsletters, and social media channels


Here are 3 reasons!

Corporate Social Responsibility

This is a unique event that can align your social activities with your company's purpose and values.

Employee Engagement

The SNAP Challenge is a great way for your team to build camaraderie and collaborate beyond their day-to-day responsibilities.

A New Perspective

Participating in the challenge is an effective way to raise awareness about hunger and to show how critical SNAP is to millions of Americans.


Learn more about the groups who have already taken the SNAP Challenge.

  • Our partners from Crown Relocations took the SNAP Challenge during their client appreciation event at the 2019 Worldwide ERC Conference in Boston.


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