Intern With Us


    What You’ll Learn:

  • Planning Food Drives
  • Organizing Events
  • Fundraising Strategies
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Creating Awareness
  • Writing releases and proposals
  • Participating in conference calls and meetings
  • Leveraging social media for the greater good
  • And many more valuable career skills

Our interns are an irreplaceable part of our team. We’re able to manage a nationwide network with such a small staff thanks to the generous help from our talented crew of interns. Heard enough? Click here to sign up

Best of all, you’llĀ  join our growing team of past and present interns that have helped provide lifesaving meals to the 50 million Americans who struggle to find their next meal.

    What You Can Expect?

  • A fast-paced, friendly and fun work environment
  • A great opportunity to learn while helping those in need
  • Hanging out with Dougie the office-pup
  • A committed team dedicated to ending hunger

What Positions Are Open?

Move For Hunger is currently searching for Public Relations, Event Marketing, and Graphic Design interns to join our team. Apply through our “Intern form” or our postings on and we’ll be in touch!