Hunger Facts

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  • The MAX Challenge is Hosting a Month Long Food Drive
    Howell, NJ

    The MAX Challenge, a fitness center in Howell, NJ, is hosting a month-long food drive from March 27-April 22. Members of The MAX, as well as local residents who’d like to contribute to the cause, are encouraged to donate nutritious, non-perishable food items, such as peanut butter, tuna, low-sodium canned soups, rice, beans, and canned fruits/vegetables…. View Article

  • Despite Progress, Women Still Face Higher Rates of Food Insecurity

    March is Women’s History Month, a time to reflect on the breakthroughs achieved by and for women in America. While much progress has been made, the fight for equal rights is far from finished. Food insecurity is rooted in social inequality, and women are far more likely to be hungry than men. Most everyone would agree… View Article

  • The Stigmas of Poverty and Food Insecurity

    A common misperception is that people who are poor are simply not hard working hard enough. The terms “lazy” and “unmotivated” are often aimed at folks living at or below the poverty line, with the implication being that their financial status is just something they’ve brought upon themselves. Struggling with poverty and food insecurity is too often… View Article

  • Lincoln Moving & Storage Hosts Spring Food Drive
    Brooklyn, OH

    Lincoln Moving & Storage, a Bekins agent, will be hosting a food drive this Spring to help families struggling with food insecurity in Cuyahoga County. From April 24-28, members of the community are asked to bring donations of non-perishable food items to the Parma Movers/Lincoln Moving & Storage office, which is located at: 8686 Brookpark Road | Brooklyn, OH 44129… View Article

  • Fort Washington Spanish Church Hosts Food Drive
    New York, NY

    Fort Washington Spanish Church will be hosting a food drive as part of their Global Youth Day on Saturday, March 18th, to help benefit families struggling with food insecurity. Congregants and members of the community are asked to bring donations of non-perishable food items, such as peanut butter, tuna, canned soups, rice, and pasta, to the church, which… View Article

  • How Big Portions and Overeating Can Contribute to Food Waste

    We’ve all been there: a plate, still almost full, staring at up us from the table and our stomachs unable to hold anymore food. So we empty what’s left on our plates into the garbage, unaware that we are contributing America’s food waste epidemic. Portion sizes in the United States are infamous for being needlessly large. In fact,… View Article

  • More Than Just Hunger: The Lasting Impact of Food Insecurity on Children

    More than 13.1 million children in the United States are food insecure. Additionally, 14.5 million children live in poverty. Those are alarming statistics, especially when you consider the developmental, behavioral, and psychological impacts hunger can have on children. These issues can begin to sprout at the very beginning of a child’s life. Pregnant women who are… View Article