Northshore Moving Transported Truckloads of Food to a Local Louisiana Food Bank

September 30, 2021

What’s better than donating food? Taking time out of their busy schedule, Northshore Moving helped transport food to the Northshore Food Bank. 

At a time when people are still feeling the negative effects of COVID and the recent events of Hurricane Ida, the 17,000 pounds of food transported will help feed 14,000 people in the parish. Northshore Moving - Hammond Food Bank Transport -August11-2021-5.jpeg

Christopher Calamari, the event organizer, sent word to Move For Hunger; they helped Northshore Food Bank transport all of the boxes and canned donations. 

They delivered the food to Northshore Food Bank in Covington, Louisiana, an hour north of New Orleans straight across Lake Pontchartrain. 

Over 720,000 are food insecure in Louisiana, meaning 1 in 6 is struggling to put food on their table. While in the St. Tammany Parish, where Northshore Food Bank is located there are 31,000 people facing food insecurity

The food transported in mid-August will help feed those devastated by Hurricane Ida that ripped through the city around Labor Day weekend. Nearly 1,000,000 residents in Louisiana were without power which made access to food very limited. 

Move For Hunger and Northshore Moving have teamed up in the past before, making tons of happy families and people. Adding up with this donation, both Northshore Moving and Move For Hunger have accumulated nearly 27,000 meals to families and people that are in need of food to eat. 

We would like to thank Northshore Moving for transporting all of the food for the people in time of need. 

Interested in more hunger statistics and want to help with donating or to sign up for a food drive? Visit our Hunger Facts or Food Drive Page to Learn More!