December 2012 Mover of the Month – Crown Relocations of Calgary

January 17, 2013 | 12:00am


Congratulations to  Crown Relocations - Calgary, Canada -  for being honored as our Mover of the Month for December 2012. 

Crown Relocations - Cagary was the first moving company from Canada to join our hunger relief efforts in March of 2012.  Since that time they have become an invaluable resource for the Calgary Food Bank.  


Even though Crown Relocations - Calgary has only been officially enrolled for 10 months they have delivered 17 donations equaling over 4,625 pounds of food!  Their donations started out small,  20-30 pounds per month, but they quickly picked up steam!  In December alone  they delivered  over 2,200 pounds, enough to provide over 1,700 life saving meals for those in need. 

Last year we launched our Pilot Canadian Program headed by the Crown Relocations locations in Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottowa, and Toronto.  Our Canadian agents have been extremely enthusiastic to support their local food banks.  We now have 17 Moving Companies in Canada who have joined our hunger fight.

Many of the Crown locations had big months in December:

Crown Location

December Pounds

Crown Relocations - Calgary 2,230
Crown Relocations - Washington DC 988
Crown Relocations - New York 470
Crown Relocations - Hawaii 250
Crown Relocations - Ottawa 84
Crown Relocations - Dallas 65